Friday, May 11, 2012

What's old is new

This is an old picture, but I wanted to share it anyway.  I made this bouquet last year for my cousins senior prom.  I love making bouquets, it's a passion of mine.  It's so fulfilling to create something like this, it's not exactly like paper crafting.   It is a little harder because it is using fresh flowers and your time frame is at a quicker pace.  The overall planning process is similar, but the execution as a whole is a little different. Even though I enjoy it, because I'm self taught, I'm a little out of my comfort zone.  In the end it comes out exactly how I want it too.  Do you think that it matters how you get your end result? Or is it okay, just as long as it comes out the way you wanted it to?
 In this arrangement I used my fav feathers, added some bling with the jewels, and some silver ting-tings, as for the flowers it was very simple with roses, ranunculus, baby carnations and alstromerias.   Tying it off with a shimmer silver bow.  To my surprise, this style of bouquets are not the rage anymore?!  The last time I made a prom bouquet was 2 prom seasons prior and it was still in trend.  Within that short amount of time, things sure did change.  What's in now, are wristlet arrangements!  A little throwback, that was the trend decades ago.  I guess everything does come back again?  


  1. Wonderful bouquet!!! You are very very good creative:)
    I love flowers of all kind,but this is very elegant!
    Big hug,

    1. Thanks Sonia,

      I love all kinds of flowers too! I would love to work in a flower shop!!

      Have a nice weekend!


  2. Self taught or not, you make lovely bouquets! It looks like everything comes full circle doesn't it?

    1. thanks eileen! that's so nice of you!! things really do always comeback don't they?!

  3. Creating really does come down to just doing! It's all about trying, experimenting & just learning. The journey to the end is always a lot of fun, even if at times it can be extremely irritating. If it turns out good, woo . . yes!

    1. that's how i feel too! i just try it out and if it works, it works! if it doesn't i will try and try again!!


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