Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer is Here!

Beautiful day @ the beach!

Wet Li Hing Mui Kakimochi! ONO!

Chocolate Cake from Whole Foods (does this make it healthy?)

Hot day = Lazy guy

Does this angle make me look fat?

Bulldog Kisses
It's official summer!!  Can you believe that it's almost June?  Memorial Day has came and left and summer is here! Here we go, full force all the way til' Labor Day!! Luckily there are 3 big holidays during the course of the summer!! Here's a little mish mash of the long weekend.  Hopefully it's a great start to an awesome summer!! I'm going to have to really get myself in gear, workout wise if I'm gonna keep eating all kinds of goodies!! Doesn't it suck, when you're supposed to be "beach body" ready and the drinks are flowing and the foods are plentiful?!  Eek!! My summer is slowly booking up, with grad parties, birthday parties, family reunion and awaiting the arrivals of little ones to name a few.  This summer, I hope to be outside as much as possible, enjoy the beautiful weather and be more adventurous!  I can't wait to spend time with loved ones!  Do a little traveling and go exploring.  Of course eating and drinking will be a big part of summer!  Crafting is always a must, hopefully I will have new inspiration to create different things!  Do you have plans for the summer?? 


  1. My only plans are to get away & camp. I love to be outdoors, swimming, exploring nature, taking lots of photos & just relaxing.


    1. That sounds nice! Camping is always fun!! Relaxing is a must too!!

  2. I wish it was summer here!
    That cake looks delish and your dog is just adorable

    1. What season is it where you are at?

      The cake was okay, it looks better than it tastes.

      Thanks he's a sassy little guy!

  3. Every summer I go to Maine because I have family there and this year will be no different. Other than that, I go explore the city like I'm a tourist. lol

    1. That sounds nice! I've never been to Maine before, but it seems like such a great place, esp. for vacations!

  4. yay, i can't wait!! i love summer, too. i am sooo not beach body ready, but oh wells...that won't stop me from having a good time!


  5. Yes, Yes!! What are you talking about, you're so skinny and toned up!


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