Thursday, May 31, 2012


I often drink Yogi tea, and each tea bag has a inspirational quote on the tag.  I think it's so cool, especially if you're drinking it in the morning and need a little pick me up to get the day started!  The Yogi Inspirations are life's simple truths that are meant to bring out the goodness in you. This was mine for today! 
I believe that having courage is a great virtue.  I want to get to know this word better!  I believe that in my life, I have faced a lot of fears, but I want to explore this act a little better and throw myself into trying new and challenging things.  It will be no easy feat, but I will try to do my best to test myself and not be afraid! Stay tuned for what's yet to come! Do you consider yourself courageous? What are fears that you've accomplished?


  1. oh, courage . . . If only it was as simple as visiting the Wizard! I, too, need to get better acquainted with it, Kelli. Although, this year I have definitely been courageous - starting Tuesday Alchemy took a bit of guts as I was unsure if it would succeed. It was a slow start, but I kept up my resolve & I think its moving down a good path!

    1. You're doing such a great job with the blog and it really is turning into a great success! you should be proud and happy!! thanks for doing such a great job!!


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