Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lantern Decoration

OhhhMmmmGeee! I can't believe it's almost been 2 months since I've last blogged?! What the___??  In my last post I apologized for neglecting the blog and look what happened? I've been more absent than ever! Ugh!! I plan to do a summer post, even though it's already autumn! Eeek!!

I made this lantern at the end of the summer as part of a little project.  Just wanted to share.  Have you ever gone to craft or home decor stores and have seen paper/plastic outdoor lanterns on sale for super cheap, and thought to your self that it's so cute, but what are you gonna do with it?? Well I've got some ideas for you!  I myself, LOVE lanterns!! So, of course I am always buying lanterns whenever I see a good deal.  I can't resist! 
These particular lanterns are paper and were very inexpensive.  I also got the cherry blossom stalks for very little money too. 

All I did was strategically glue the flowers in a swooping design from top to bottom.  It was very easy and very quick!  You can use this for party decorations or even to decorate a room.  If you want to personalize it, you can add a ribbon or tassel to the bottom of the ribbon, then add a name or picture the the ribbon.  You can add the light bulb to the inside or just use it as is.  String it up, and enjoy!!