Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Turtles & Frogs Baby Shower

The invites
 These pics were from a baby shower that I threw last year, the theme was Turtles and Frogs for a baby girl!
The decor
 Here are some decorations, fun and festive balloons!  I'm so mad that I didn't get better pics of the rest of the balloons.
The food
 Since it was a co-ed shower, to make things the father to be ordered bentos for everyone, we also had a lot of other yummy delights!
The favors
 Here's another version of the box with the lollipop treats inside!  Bright and fun! Makes me smile just looking at the colors!
The table
 Some table decor, to add a little something extra!  Turtles, frogs, lily pads, and flowers.
The goodies
 Here are more treats that were on a different table.  Pink & Purple M&M's in mini champagne bottles, more lollipops and sleeves filled with peach frog gummi candy!(oomph featured these yummy treats, and actually inspired this post)
The gifts
 Lots of gifts for the new parents!! Yes that is Christmas wrap! haha! You know guys...I guess we can't ask for much, at least it's wrapped right?!
The games
Once again, leave it to guys to do something inappropriate with an innocent baby shower game!

All in all the party was a success, minus the fact that the mom to be, missed half of the shower because she went in to labor!  Yes! She had the baby that evening, one month early.  Even better, it was on Father's day!  Best gift a father could get!! Now almost one year later, her 1st birthday is on the horizon! 


  1. glad you found the pictures! those flower box favors and invitations are so cute! i can honestly say i've never been to a turtle/frog themed shower...very unique!

    thank you!

    1. thanks..my friend is not a real girlie girl, and not a big fan of pinks so she wanted something that was neutral.

  2. Your invites are awesome & such a different way to invite someone! You make a lot of fun party supplies. BTW, I'm glad you said something about the little baby figurines as I was going to say that they didn't look right - Ha ha ha!

    1. hah! thanks!! i've been using this style for a lot of things, i told myself that i need to relax on it for a while after i finish the wedding wishing tree tags. isn't it hilarious?! i saw the babies sitting there on the table and i had to take a picture of it!


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