Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I know that this is a little late, but I just had to share!! A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to see Bruno Mars live in concert here in Hawaii!! To sum it up in a few words, I will say that it was AWESOME!!  It was so much fun! After his SUPER performance during this years Bruno Bowl, I mean Super Bowl I knew that seeing him live would be AMAZING!! Even though my tickets weren't the greatest and a bunch of our tickets were single seats, it was still so good!! He had 3 shows, I went to the Saturday show.  I have to admit that I was so excited that I couldn't sleep the night before.  I woke up so early for a Saturday, excited with anticipation! All day long I was anxiously awaiting the coming events!  We left the house at 4:30 to arrive early to get good parking.  Angela Johnson had 2 shows at the same venue that night, so the parking would surely be an issue.  We planned to go to Doraku across the street for Happy Hour, but with everyone having the same plan the wait was 2 hours. :(  That was not going to put a damper on my night! We walked a little ways down, and enjoyed some Margaritas and tacos at Wahoos! We walked back to the venue and to our surprise the line was already wrapped around the building.  The line went very swift and was very organized! In no time, we were inside standing with hundreds of others looking at the merch table! I made a bee line for the concession while the rest of my party split into bathroom lines, merch lines, and entrance to the arena lines.  With concert prices I was gonna make sure that I got the most bang for my buck, and ordered a Long Island ice tea! I was for sure guaranteeing myself a gnarly hangover the next day, but chopped it up to being so worth it for the sake of BRUNO!!! Still untangled in excitement, I was so ready for the concert to start! We went in to find our seats, and The Green went on! So happy for them, that they opened for Bruno!! Enjoyed a couple more drinks, I guess Long Islands made me feel like I was 21 again! haha! Finally when the curtain went up and Bruno hit the stage, it was on!! Let me tell you, he did not disappoint! It was the best concert I've ever been too! Even better than Michael Jackson! eek! Did I really just say that?? I think I did....don't get me wrong, Michael is and will always be the all time King.  It was the atmosphere, the intimacy of a smaller but packed venue that really made an impact! I really also think that because he's from Hawaii, and being home that he was more relaxed and at ease.  Seeing him up there, I really felt happy for him, and for how far he has come.  Even though, he has won a Grammy, and performed at the Super Bowl and all over the world, to see him at home on the stage where it pretty much started for him...he really has come full circle! I was so excited, half way through the concert, I was looking for a ticket to go to the Monday night show!! If you have the opportunity to see him live, DO IT!!

 It was amazing!

This is my favorite song from The Green!

I apologize for the poor quality pics, I was so excited none of my pics turned out good! 

Cheers! to the local boys from Hawaii! Representing us well!! Bruno Mars and The Green!! This was a great night, one that I will surely TREASURE!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

EOSter goodies

This is another little treat that I made this Easter for my friends!! I used the EOS lip balms! They look like Easter eggs, so it is perfect for the occasion!  All I did was put it in a little clear baggie, and threw in some confettit, tied it with a cute ribbon and added a tag! Viola!  That's it! Smiles for everyone!  EOS smiles that is!!:) 

What's your fav EOS flavor?? Do you like any of the other products?