Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gone Fishing

Whoa!! I haven't been here for a bit!!  I apologize for log absence!!  Just want to share a banner that I made for my besties sons 1st birthday party!!  You may remember my previous post on the invitations!!  

 The banner was also use for decorating the fishing game!!  FUN!!! 

 Here are some pics of the centerpieces that she gave away!!! Ivy bowls of fishes, and fruits and veggies plants(awesome ideas)!!  I got the strawberry, we'll see how that goes!!  Keep you posted!


It was a hot summer day, but so much fun!!  With  that being said...It's O-Fish-al! It's Summer!!

Playing along this week with:

Glitter Words


  1. cute...i love the idea of the plants for centerpieces!

    re: volunteering, i totally want to do the candy stripe thing! just need to find a place!

    enjoy your 4th!

    1. I hope my strawberries grow!! :)

      I'm sure if you call up the different hospitals, they can help you. My cousin works at Kapiolani and her kids would work there during the summer, but it was doing all different things in the hospital.


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