Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ID4 fun!

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 Hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence day!!  It was a scorcher here!!  A miserable heat, that just filled the entire house with thick air! It was much cooler outside under the tent! The kids had fun cooling off with 5 buckets of water balloons!!  

I wanted to share a delish slushie treat that I made.  I made it the first time for Super Bowl, and it was such a hit!  It's called RED ROOSTER, it's a recipe from Emeril "bam" Lagasse!  I twisted it up a little, and made it a little different.  From my pictures you can tell that I put too much orange juice, and it turned to a ORANGE ROOSTER! It still tasted very good!! 

To make this, you will need cranberry juice, orange juice, 7-up and vodka if you're making it an adult treat!  Omit the vodka for virgin drinks.  

You will first need to get a large plastic container to put everything in.  
When it comes to making drinks for this type of party, I don't measure anything out.  Everything is to taste, and it's a lot easier if you're serving a large amount of people.  Also a side note, because this is meant to be slushie, make sure that you make this way ahead of time, preferably the night before to allow enough time to freeze.  If you're adding the alcohol, remember that alcohol doesn't freeze entirely, but allow yourself enough time to let the liquid set.

pour the cranberry juice into the container

Next is to add in the orange juice

This next part is optional, this is my own twist just to give it a little more kick.
I added a can of 7-up, like I said it's all to taste and it's up to you if you want to add 7-up in to your mix.

Now if you're making yours for adults only, proceed on with the vodka.  If you're making virgin drinks, now that it's all mixed put it in the freezer.

 Now it's time to let the freezer do the work.

I told you that I went to heavy on the O.J.!! 

It's ready to serve!!  Get a spoon and start scooping!!  

I took a morning drive to check out what was going on around the area, and stumbled on some houses displaying their patriotism!!  There were so many others that I passed but wasn't fast enough to get pics of.  

It's days like this, that we really appreciate all that we have!!  

pride & true

Of course I couldn't leave without sharing this little gem!

Here's a little shout out to all my fellow hello kitty lovers!  I promise, this is hello kitty!!  I wasn't able to catch it earlier, and it's sideways...but it's her!!

Closing out with the BOSS!

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    1. I made it late the night before, and by the next morning, majority of it was hardened. By the mid-afternoon it was good to go.


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