Monday, July 22, 2013

Feedly more

I know that I've been a slacking a lot lately.  I am super sorry!! This is totally late, but you know how it goes...better late, than never!  As many of you know, on July 1 google reader ended! :(  If you're like me, and really depended on reader then you were sadden by the stress of having to figure out what's next.  I was so bummed out the months leading up to July, trying to figure out a replacement for reader.  I do use blog lovin, but I wanted to find something with a little more ease.  I was a little slack on the days before reader retiring.  For some reason, I thought there was another week or so? After the 1st, I sat down at the computer and told myself that I need to take care of this now and find a replacement for reader.  That's where, I stumbled upon feedly!! It was so simple to sync everything from reader to feedly!!  I was so pleased.  Now, I'm so behind on my reading.  I've been playing catch up all month.  It is my goal to try to get up to date by this week.  I downloaded the feedly app to my phone, that really helps!  I totally recommend it!!  Take it for a test drive. and see how you like it!!
Thanks for everything google reader, you've been good to me.  Feedly has got me now!
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