Thursday, February 28, 2013

85 Thanks

85 Thanks...well, not really! More like 20 something, cards  I've made that is.  Here's a little something that I've been working on.  I know I haven't been posting much lately, but these thank you cards have been taking up a chunk of my time lately.  Since I was sick, all my free time was being spent in recovery and sleeping.  This is a thank you card for the 85th Super Birthday party.  I know that it looks a little wacky, but that's sort of  what the party turned out to be! :)  Everything on this card was made with the cricut.  A little time consuming, but a lot of fun to play with!!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

I've really been loving this album lately!
I'll leave you with this...
Bruno Mars: Show Me
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

52 Lists: Week 5

Still playing catch up with Moorea Seal's 52 lists.  Week 5 is list what you are grateful for.  I am grateful for everything that I have in my life.  I know that there are a lot of people out there that have way less than me or have nothing at all.  I don't take anything that I have for granted and I realize that there are no guarantees in life and that any second it could all just go away.  Here's my list.
-Roof over my head
-Live in Hawaii
-Clothes on my back

The background pic that I used for my list is a pic that I took at the beach of the trunk of a coconut tree.

I know that I've shared this song before, but I want to share it again :)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Black Magic Woman

Sorry for the lack of posting! I've been busy, and with the wacky weather that we've been having in Hawaii I caught a cold!!  I've been trying to Vitamin C this cold outta here, but it's a process.   I just wanted to share my excitement for today! I'm going to the Santana concert tonight!! I'm gonna be a 'black magic woman' for the night!!  So I'll leave you with this...

I'll be sure to updated on the deets later!

Happy Tuesday!
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

52 Lists: Week 4

Continuing with Moorea Seal's 52 lists, here is week 4.  List Your Current and Future Goals & Dreams.
-be healthy & fit
-get out of debt
-buy a new car
-buy a house
-grow business
be more adventurous
-start a dream project
-go back to school
-learn to sew better
-learn to woodburn
-learn another language
-grow blog
-cook more
-start a family newsletter

These are all thing s that are currently on my mind.  I am going to make them happen! 
This is another one of my pictures that I took while on my way to treating myself to an acai bowl!  It's no joke, when we say lucky we live Hawaii!

With this crazy weather that we've been having lately, it's been making me feel a sick! :(

Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes has been stuck in my head all weekend.  I guess it's my mind trying to slow things down. I love this song! 

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Friday, February 15, 2013

52 Lists: Week 3

Still playing catch up with Moorea Seals 52 Lists.  Week 3: List The Things You Should Be Proud Of
Here's my list
-always willing to learn
-open minded
-pays attention to details
-appreciates the small things
-community service
-respects nature
-helps take care of family members
*I forgot to add humble and hardworking

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Happy Aloha Friday!

Music I'm loving at the moment: Bruno Mars/Locked Out Of Heaven


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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!
"Where there is love, there is life." - Mahatma Gandi

 SOJA: True Love

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Let the 40 days begin!

A little late, but since yesterday was Fat Tuesday I wanted to share this backdrop decoration that we used for our Super Bowl party.  It's supposed to be Bourbon St. in New Orleans.  We ordered it from Oriental Trading Company.  It was a hit!! Everyone was taking pictures and it became a "photo booth" wall!  It really added something to the party!  We've ordered back drops from Oriental Trading before, and it's always a fun time!! The best part of it all, is that it isn't very expensive and very easy to put up.  I highly recommend ordering things like this for your next party!!

No on to serious busy!:) Today is Ash Wednesday, meaning that Lent has officially begun!  I did my share of indulging yesterday for fat Tuesday, a little too much.  I seriously felt ill last night, from too much goodness! I didn't think that it was possible! haha! Do you participate in Lent?  To me, the giving something up part doesn't mean that you have to practice a certain religion.  Every year, I try to eat healthier and give up junk food, sweets, soda, etc.  Which I have to add is very hard this time of the year, because I have some many birthdays during these 40 days.  Passing up cake is not something that I enjoy! :(  In the past, I have loss up to 10 lbs. just from giving up the junks during lent.  This year, I am adding to my list of things that I sacrifice for Lent.  Along with giving up junk food, fast food, sweets, and soda, I am going to try very hard to give up carbs like rice and bread.  The strange thing, is that I can go without rice, but I have a hard time going without bread.  This will be no easy task!  I will also try to go without pork and beef for the entire Lent.  I told myself no chicken too, but I think that is way too much!  I will try to limit the chicken, but not totally take it out from my diet.  Wish me luck!
Let the 40 days begin!  Good Friday can't come soon enough!!
Cheers! to good health!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

52 Lists: Week 2

Catching up with Moorea Seal 52 lists, here is my week 2 list!  Week 2 is to list your greatest comforts!  Like I mentioned in week 1, making lists helps you find out about yourself.  It is also very liberating to actually put your feelings down in print and see it starring back at you.  

Once again, I used a picture for my list.  This picture was taken last year in Molokai.  I love how the water is so calm and serene!

Here's my list:
-long drives
-driving along the ocean
-toes in the sand
-warm sun kissing my skin
-acai bowls
-smell of rain
-making things for people
-fully charged cell phone
-walking into Sanrio
-jumping in the ocean
-getting my hair done
-days off
-live music
-quality time
-sound of rain
-good sweat
-watching the ocean
-sleeping in
-cool breeze
-good buzz

Feel free to join along on Moorea Seal blog. 

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Monday, February 11, 2013


I got a new cricut cartridge a couple weeks ago.  I've been so busy, that I haven't really got a chance to try it out.  I fiddled around a little with it, and this is what I made.  This is from the Create a Critter 2 cartridge!  Many of you know, that I use the Create a Critter cartridge a lot, so when I saw this cartridge coming out I was so stoked!  I finally went out and got it!  There's so many cute animals and it also has something for ach season!  This is exactly what I've been looking for!  

I think that this little birdie is so cute! I had to try her out! I think I will call her "tweets"! 

Since it's Valentine's Day week, I figured that I make something Valentine's day ish!  This card could even be used for other occasions.  I left the inside blank, so there is a lot of room to write your personal message.  Stay tuned for more from this cartridge!

Playing along with:

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Friday, February 8, 2013

52 Lists: Week 1

I have a new blog crush! I stumbled upon this lovely blog, a couple days ago and instantly fell in love!  Moorea Seal is a renaissance woman, she does it all and even makes beautiful jewelry!    She started 52 Lists in the beginning of the year, and I think it's an awesome feature to add to a blog.  I loved reading her lists so much, that I decided to play along!  Every Tuesday, she puts up a new list and will continue doing this for the entire year(52 lists).  At the end of the year, you will have a memento of the entire year.  I think this is a great way to reflect on the year.  As I play catch up with the lists, I am already finding that I am discovering a lot of things about myself that I always knew were there, just didn't really take the time to explore them.  So far, I am having a great time "listing"  Feel free to play along!  Create your list every week and link them up to her site!  

Week 1: List words that touch your soul
She has a form that you can download to create your list, or you can just create your own like I did here.  This was a pic that I took last year, on a perfect day at the beach!  I love it so much, I didn't want to let it go to waste.  

 Happy Listing!
Have a great weekend!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Liebster Award

I was nominated for a Liebster Award last week! Thank you so much to Kawaii Cutie Blog for being so awesome!  Check out her blog and etsy shop! She's got a lot of sweet creations!

I have to admit, I didn't really know what a Liebster Award was.  I've seen it on a lot of other bloggers pages, but never really did the homework on it.  From what I understand, Liebster is German, and it means a lot of good things! :) Sweetest, kindest, dearest, beloved, etc. you get the point.  A Liebster Award is for up and coming bloggers that have less than 200 followers.  I am so happy to be a part of something like this, because 1 of my goals this year is to take this blog to next level, and I think this is a step in the right direction!

The rules for the Liebster Award:
-Post 11 facts about yourself
-Answer the 11 questions that the nominating blogger has asked you
-Ask 11 questions to the people you are nominating
-Nominate 11 people with less than 200 followers, and link their blogs to your post
-Notify the bloggers that you nominated
*Please comment with a link back to your Liebster post, so I can see how you answered my questions.

11 facts about me:
1.) I'm double jointed
2.) I hated chocolate as a child, but love it as an adult
3.) I can eat raw ahi everyday
4.) Maxed out the points on the original Tetris game on gameboy many times( the game can only go up to 999,999.)
5.) I love old classic cars
6.) I have a collection of gift cards, card keys,etc.
7.) I've never traveled internationally
8.) My favorite time of the day is dusk
9.) I was born with a hole in my inner eardrum, makes flying very uncomfortable
10.) I have a chicken pox scar on my nose, looks sort of like a dent
11.) I like to leave chewing gum wrappers in my purses to give it a fresh smell

My answers to Kawaii Cutie's questions:
1.) What is your favorite T.V. series/Film? Currently loving Homeland & 2 Broke Girls
2.) Where is your dream job? In Hawaii, with a view of the ocean on one side and the view of the mountain on the other
3.) What is your main hobby? Watching T.V. & Crafting 
4.) What is your fashion style? I love flowy and romantic clothes, but I also have a huge Hello Kitty t-shirt collection
5.) If you won the lottery, what would you spend it on?  I would put more into my crafting business and try to make that a full time job, get a new car, fix up my house, make some investments, help others and donate more time and money to more charities.  
6.) What is your favorite quote or saying?  "Do what you love, love what you do"
7.) If you could change in to any animal, what would it be and why?  I think I would change into a dove, because it's a peaceful animal and can fly free 
8.) What is your favorite color? Black/Purple
9.) Would you rather live in a place that's extremely hot or freezing cold? Extremely Hot, I was not built for freezing cold
10.) Are you a cat person or a dog person? I am a dog person
11.) If you could have one wish come true, what would it be? To have eternal happiness

Questions to my nominees:
1.) What is your favorite time of the day?
2.) Do you have any pets? What are they? What's their names?
3.) Are you allergic to anything?
4.) What is your favorite food?
5.) What's your pet peeve?
6.) Where is the most interesting place you've traveled to?
7.)  If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would you ask for?
8.) Who is your favorite cartoon character? Why?
9.) What's your favorite flower?
10.) Why did you start your blog?
11.) What do you like to do on your days off?

My nominees:
1.) Love in Envelope
2.) Have A Scrap Happy Day
3.) Little-Applefalls
4.) Crystal Clear
5.) From Anne-Elise With Love
6.) CG-Says Something Loudly
7.) Sari's Card and Altered Art
8.) WendyLynn's Paper Whims
9.) Glitter and Bonbons
10.) Tracey Anne Designs
11.) Scrap Your Idea

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Sunday!

New Orleans!!

Harbaugh Bowl! For those of you that may not know, the head coaches for both teams are brothers! 1st time in NFL history, something like this has ever happened!


Beyonce Bowl! Haha!  For those non-football watchers, the half time should be something worth watching!  Beyonce with Destiny's Child!! I think that Beyonce is an ultimate entertainer, and I'm surprised, that she hasn't been asked to perform along time ago?  I love seeing her turn in to her alter ego, Sasha Fierce! 
Also, for those of you that are tuning in from the beginning, Alicia Keys will be singing in the National Anthem!  That girl is on fire! haha!




This year the Super Bowl is in New Orleans!! I think that is so great! They really need the economy boosts there.  I watch Treme on HBO, and I have to say that I have a crush on New Orleans! I hope to travel there one day.  It seems like food and music are the main driving forces behind the city, and I love that!! This week Super Bowl, next week Mardi Gras! If you're so fortunate to be there for one or even both, I envy you! Since I can't physically be there, I am bringing New Orleans to my house! Haha!! Gearing up for the Super Bowl this Sunday, I have a bunch of things going on.  Food. Check, Decorations. Check, Alcohol. CHECK,CHECK! ;) Games. Check.   Are you watching? Who are you cheering for?  How do you celebrate Super Bowl? 
Happy Super Sunday!!

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