Friday, January 4, 2013


This week's pinspirations are all about the New Year! Things from my boards that I would like to either try or do regularly! 

First and foremost, I would really like to take this blog to the next level!  I made a promise to myself not to neglect this blog and to keep striving to make it a great thing!  I've learned so much from blogging and other bloggers, and feel so lucky to have come this far. Onward and upward!

Another thing that I would like to do more, is to create more meaningful things.  Also things that are environmentally friendly.  I've always believed in repurposing and sustainability, so why not try to practice it more in crafting?! 

Working on my fitness! Ugh! This one gets me every year!! But, yet again it's on my list! It's been a slow start this year, with the weather being so funky.  I will lose weight and maintain it! I will! I will! I will! No matter, if it's a walk around the block, a hike, a visit to the gym, a dip in the ocean, situps in bed, taking a class, whatever it is, I will practice some sort of exercise everyday!

I would LOVE to travel more! This is a big one that I've been lacking the last so many years.  I've decided that I need to just get on a plane and go!  Even if it's just island hoping!  A change of scenery is always good for the soul!  

I really want to change up my wardrobe!  I dream of wearing romantic dresses and stylish clothes all day, everyday! I'm a fashionista at heart!!

I've been trying to cook more often, so this one has been in the works for a lil bit.  I do want to be a master chef in the kitchen! haha! I can dream, can't I?! I do have a  secret passion for cooking and baking, so it is something exciting for me to try to tackle!

I want to always have great hair! I know that this sounds a little vain, but I don't have the nicest of hair, or the easiest hair to work with.  I envy people with effortless, shiny, beautiful hair!  This, like the fitness one, will probably always be on my list.

In 2013, I will do more good deeds!  I try to practice at least 1 good deed a day, but the world could always use more!  Being from Hawaii, The Aloha State we are instilled with practicing kindness in our everyday lives.  It's a way of life here, and I think that if everyone can do more good deeds, it will be contagious and soon enough it will spread throughout the world! 

Here we go with the vanity again! Haha!  I want to always looked polished!  I have really blah, pale skin and people tend to confuse that with being tired or being sick.  I really believe that when people say that you look tired, means that you look like shit?! I don't want to look like shit!  Can you blame me?! So I've been making great efforts to freshen up my skin and try new things to look a little less shitty!  This like fitness and hair, will also be on my list for a lifetime!

These are just a small look into things that I will strive for this year!  Believe me, I have a lot more! What are some of your goals that you are striving for this year?

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  1. You have really thought this one through! I hope you get around to all of these things! You can do it, you can do it! Happy new year! :)

  2. I hope so too! Happy New Year to you too!!

  3. looking polished is hard here...especially when dressing casual! dressing down is much harder than dressing up. i would love to find polished looks for the weekends!

    great list.

    and i LOVE the cork vase things! the neighborhood moms (we have taken the name "housewives of mililani" hehe) are having pinterest nights once a month. ok, it's reason to drink, but we thought adding a craft would make it purposeful! anyways, we were saving corks to make cork boards, but these little planters are too cute!! i'll have to show them this!


    1. Look I already broke the first one about not neglecting my blog! :(

      It is hard to look polished!

      That's so awesome a pinterest night sounds like a lot of fun! You should so make the cork vases, especially since you ladies do a lot of wine drinking!


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