Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Football Favoritism

This is one of the favors that I made for the Go! #85 party! Again, I used the football cutout from the cricut cartridge Wrap it up.  This cartridge is so awesome, because it has a box feature! It is so simple to assemble this box, and the best part is that you don't even need tape to put it together.  It's a one piece design, and everything folds right into place.  I know that the invitations were all shades of purple, but since the Super Bowl is in New Orleans there is sort of a Mardi Gras theme going on too.  That is why these favors are all different colors.  It's a colorful party!
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  1. How cute for the favors Kelii~ Lots of yummy treats, I hope you can find those shape football chocolates they would be awesome in that box....

    1. I saw Reese's had before at Sam's Club, but I went last week and they don't have it! :( I also seen it at a candy store, but kinda expensive. :( :( So I just filled it with assorted kakimochi crackers.


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