Tuesday, February 19, 2013

52 Lists: Week 4

Continuing with Moorea Seal's 52 lists, here is week 4.  List Your Current and Future Goals & Dreams.
-be healthy & fit
-get out of debt
-buy a new car
-buy a house
-grow business
be more adventurous
-start a dream project
-go back to school
-learn to sew better
-learn to woodburn
-learn another language
-grow blog
-cook more
-start a family newsletter

These are all thing s that are currently on my mind.  I am going to make them happen! 
This is another one of my pictures that I took while on my way to treating myself to an acai bowl!  It's no joke, when we say lucky we live Hawaii!

With this crazy weather that we've been having lately, it's been making me feel a sick! :(

Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes has been stuck in my head all weekend.  I guess it's my mind trying to slow things down. I love this song! 

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  1. i want to buy a house, too...but it's so freaking expensive here!! i looked into sewing lessons a few years back...wouldn't mind taking a class!


    1. I know right!! I am nowhere near that one yet! A girl can dream!!

      I'm horrible at sewing! :(


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