Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Let the 40 days begin!

A little late, but since yesterday was Fat Tuesday I wanted to share this backdrop decoration that we used for our Super Bowl party.  It's supposed to be Bourbon St. in New Orleans.  We ordered it from Oriental Trading Company.  It was a hit!! Everyone was taking pictures and it became a "photo booth" wall!  It really added something to the party!  We've ordered back drops from Oriental Trading before, and it's always a fun time!! The best part of it all, is that it isn't very expensive and very easy to put up.  I highly recommend ordering things like this for your next party!!

No on to serious busy!:) Today is Ash Wednesday, meaning that Lent has officially begun!  I did my share of indulging yesterday for fat Tuesday, a little too much.  I seriously felt ill last night, from too much goodness! I didn't think that it was possible! haha! Do you participate in Lent?  To me, the giving something up part doesn't mean that you have to practice a certain religion.  Every year, I try to eat healthier and give up junk food, sweets, soda, etc.  Which I have to add is very hard this time of the year, because I have some many birthdays during these 40 days.  Passing up cake is not something that I enjoy! :(  In the past, I have loss up to 10 lbs. just from giving up the junks during lent.  This year, I am adding to my list of things that I sacrifice for Lent.  Along with giving up junk food, fast food, sweets, and soda, I am going to try very hard to give up carbs like rice and bread.  The strange thing, is that I can go without rice, but I have a hard time going without bread.  This will be no easy task!  I will also try to go without pork and beef for the entire Lent.  I told myself no chicken too, but I think that is way too much!  I will try to limit the chicken, but not totally take it out from my diet.  Wish me luck!
Let the 40 days begin!  Good Friday can't come soon enough!!
Cheers! to good health!

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  1. You do well if you give up all that for Lent, good girl. xxx

  2. ok, that is a LOT of good stuff to give up all at once! i don't participate, but commend those that have the will power to do so! good luck!!

    love the idea of the backdrop! always wanted a brick wall...for my outfit photos...i'll check them out!!

    1. haha! I know!! I hope I will last!!

      The backdrops are really fun!!


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