Tuesday, February 12, 2013

52 Lists: Week 2

Catching up with Moorea Seal 52 lists, here is my week 2 list!  Week 2 is to list your greatest comforts!  Like I mentioned in week 1, making lists helps you find out about yourself.  It is also very liberating to actually put your feelings down in print and see it starring back at you.  

Once again, I used a picture for my list.  This picture was taken last year in Molokai.  I love how the water is so calm and serene!

Here's my list:
-long drives
-driving along the ocean
-toes in the sand
-warm sun kissing my skin
-acai bowls
-smell of rain
-making things for people
-fully charged cell phone
-walking into Sanrio
-jumping in the ocean
-getting my hair done
-days off
-live music
-quality time
-sound of rain
-good sweat
-watching the ocean
-sleeping in
-cool breeze
-good buzz

Feel free to join along on Moorea Seal blog. 

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