Friday, May 10, 2013

Just Keep Swimming!

There are many different meanings behind fish.  From good luck, long life, and even fertility to name a few. I have always loved fish!  All different kinds of fish!  They're interesting, beautiful, smart and also tasty!  Yes I said it, tasty!! I can eat raw ahi everyday!  This time last year, I helped with a baby shower for one of my besties!  It was a surprise shower, she was having a boy, and didn't really have a theme.  The shower was on May 5, which in Hawaii has been celebrated as "boy's day", recently it was changed to "children's day" I am not really sure why?  With all these things coming into play, I decided to go with fish-n- pinwheels for the theme.  Fast forward one year later, and we are planning his first birthday party!  Wouldn't you know, the theme is fish!  

 These are some of the fishes that I made for the invitations!  The colors are Lime Green, Orange and Blue!  Being that I needed to make a lot of invitations, I used all different shades for these colors, just as long as they were within the same family.  I made them all different too, there were barely any duplicates. 

 Being that it's a boys party, I didn't want to make it too frilly and add too much embellishments, so I kept it simple.  I corner rounded the edges to give it a little dimension.  The invitation has a decorative band that slides off, and the invitation opens from the middle.  I made the fish with the create a critter cricut cartridge, cut to 1 1/2".  This is the first time, I did this type of invitation.  I just kinda went with it, making adjustments along the way.  I got to use my scor-pal, so that was fun!!  This type of invitation can be made in various ways.  Use decorative scissors to change up the edges or if you're feeling ambitious you can even cut a shape out on each side.  I wish I had a picture of more of the invitations, so you could see that I made them in all different combos using the same colors.  I am a firm believer that not everything has to look the same, when it comes to these kinds of situations.  Especially if you want to use up what you have or a lot of the time if you're doing larger quantities all of the same colors aren't always available.  In this case that actually did happen to me.  I think it's because it's graduation season, a lot of stores didn't have blues. 

 With that being said,  It's O-FISH-al!  It's party time!  Stay tuned for a lot more to come with this ONE-derland party!


Here is a picture of a real fish pond that I took while on staycation!

I'm sure a lot of you have heard that there's going to be a Where's Dory movie coming out, continuing from Finding Nemo, with Dory the fish played by Ellen Dengeneres(love her!).  I'm sure it's going to be a huge hit!!

Whenever you're having a bad day, just remember


Have a great weekend!!

Cheers! A toast to creativity!


  1. These invitees are so fishy - love them...Me too I can eat raw fish every day and fry kind too... yummy with poi on the side.....
    Enjoy your wonderful weekend, can't wait to see the rest...

  2. cute...i love the o-fish-al! never heard about the movie, but i loved ellen in nemo!

    Sunglasses Giveaway!

    1. Thanks Becks! The inside of the invitation started with It's O-fish-al! I think that Where's Dory is gonna be bigger then Nemo?!


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