Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Mail

I recently found a penpal, not just any penpal but a Hello Kitty penpal! :)  Obvie, I'm a HUGE Hello Kitty fan, so this is exciting for me!  What we're doing is exchanging Hello Kitty stationary and stickers, as well as getting to know each other.  This was my first letter to her!  I used this pretty pink and gold Hello Kitty stationary with matching envelope!  It was fun writing a letter, I felt young again! haha!  With technology keeping us going at a quick pace, who ever writes letters and mails them these days?  I remember having penpals as a child, writing to friends and family all over the U.S.  Children these days are sort of robbed of that experience.  Sure they can write emails, and send e-cards, make photo books, etc., but I still think that a handwritten letter is so much more sentimental and personal!  I hope children at least know how to write and address letters?  I remember my niece and nephew learned how in school before.  They had to write a letter to their parents, they learned how to write it, address the envelope, and got to go to the post office to buy a stamp and mail it.  I hope every child learns how to do this.  

These are some of the things that I used and added for my package!  She's a huge Hello Kitty fan as well, so I know that she'll love everything!

Since I know that she has a lot of Hello Kitty things, I decided to add some handmade Hello Kitty items in the package as well.  I know that she can use these for other letters or to decorate with.  

I added a handmade Hello Kitty card, that she can use for a birthday gift!  
 I have this Mighty Wallet that I wanted to share, since it looks like an old school letter and it's Hello Kitty I felt it was appropriate.  This wallet is so cool! It's very strong and the story behind the company is pretty cool! Check it out!!

Stay tuned for updates on the penpal!

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