Friday, March 2, 2012

Easter hopping by soon

Fat Tuesday has come and gone, Ash Wednesday is in the past, Lent is in full gear, and Easter is on it's way...I have to start making treats for all my little bunnies!! These were baskets that I made last year!It is actually a box that I turned into a basket.  It looks small, but it actually fit a lot of goodies inside.  I love the Spring time!  There's something about the flowers and the colors that just put a smile on my face!  I always give something up for Lent, this year I was ill prepared so I didn't really gear up.  The only things that I've given up are fast food and soda, which I was already not really eating since I was on the Master cleanse.  What do like about Easter?  Do you give anything up for lent??


  1. Very cute basket!

    The colors & little details are so spring & happy :)


  2. Thanks Corrine! I really liked this color combo too, I made all different colors, but this one really stood out.


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