Saturday, March 3, 2012

Colors of the wind

I know that everyone has that one outfit that they just love to wear!  May it be the fit, the colors, the print, the way it blows, whatever it may be, but all you know is that it makes you feel like a lady!  For me this little number that I wore the other day is it!  I just wanted to feature the little extras that make it pop.  It's a maxi dress, with this purple, blue and red print.  It has peacock feathers hanging from the bust to give it some added zest.  I paired it with some simple arm candy.  It's just one of those outfits that you feel that you can conquer the world in!


  1. your dress looks really pretty! i love peacock feathers...the colors are so vibrant. i recently won a pair of peacock feather earrrings similar to this!


  2. Thanks! I love peacock feathers too! I can't wait to see your earrings!!


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