Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Card

Big brother needed a birthday card, so I whipped this one up for him.  The theme was pink and purple, so this is what I can up with.  He's been using my cards a lot, for all different occasions, I guess you could say that he's good for business?! haha!! Nah...I love that he asks me for my cards, it's like I'm his Hallmark! :)



  1. Thanks! When they sent the thank you card, they mentioned how much they loved the card! :) It's nice when people do acknowledge handmade things.

  2. I agree! It always gives me a boost & a smile when people let me know they appreciate & love my craft. I'm a sucker for compliments (as we all are, right?)

    1. haha!! took the words right out of my mouth!! ;)


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