Monday, May 14, 2012

Home is where the heart is

I have been wanting to do this project for a while now, and finally got a chance to do it.  It was actually pretty fun and wasn't as time consuming as I thought it would be.  For those of you that don't know, this is the island of Oahu!  The heart is the part of the island where I'm from!  It actually looks bigger than it's true size, and I actually wanted to make it a little bigger.  I guess it's all trial and error!?  I went to the hardware store and got this wood circle, took it home and painted it.  While I was letting it dry, I drew out the outline of the island and placed the heart where I wanted it.  Once the paint dried, I transferred the image to the wood circle.  I used pins instead of nails for this first run, it was something that I had a plentiful supply of.  I started hammering the pins around the image, spacing them out not too far and not too close.  Once I had them all where I wanted them, I got my hemp for the island part and started stringing.  It was actually very therapeutic!  When I had it where I wanted it, I moved on to the heart.  For the heart I actually used baker's twine!  I was going to paint the hemp red, but found the twine and decided to give it a whirl!  Still not too sure if I like the pink?!  Still deciding what to change for the next run!  I know for sure, the next one I will make larger to show off the heart better! I will also experiment with painting the wood in different colors and also more than 1 color.  Trying to decide what to use for the stringing part?! Any suggestions?!!


  1. An interesting tribute to where you came from.Thanks for calling to my blog and joining me in my room .Hope to see you again soon .

    1. thanks!! it was a first run, i'm still ironing out the kinks! thanks for visiting me!

  2. wow, this is cool! Yes, definitely make bigger, or just make the heart in a darker color! I bet you could string it with anything?? No?

    1. thanks!! i really wanted to make the heart red, i think i might take this apart and do the red! i'm going to try different string or thinner rope!

  3. I saw this post in my blogger roll & all I saw was the first picture. I read a little of the post, so I didn't realize that you added string to it.

    I thought you were doing something crazy, Kelli! Ha ha ha - Of course, now that I'm here, I realize that you are not crazy :)

    This creation is very cool! The red heart would probably stand out more - Make it more dramatic.

    1. haha!! yes, i'm going to change the heart. my cousin wants one, but with the heart where he's from. my niece wants one but in a different patter. i guess i'm going to be busy!


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