Thursday, May 10, 2012

Same but Different

Here are a few things recently listed in my shop!  Hello Kitty key chains, lanyards, wristlets with a whistle.  I recently made some of these for a fundraiser and they were a big hit! People are even requesting them for graduation gifts.  She is my old standby, I only met a few people that openly admit that they hate Hello Kitty! Wha!? Are they high or something?  She's the best simple design out there! This is going to upset you cat lovers out there, I apologize in advance!  People that know me well, know that I am not a fan of cats, from a young age I never liked cats.  I've had bad experiences with them and always have bad dreams about them.  Also superstitiously speaking I am a firm believer that when an all black cat crosses your path something bad is going to happen, and believe me it's happened to me more than a couple times!  I often get asked this question.."how come you love Hello Kitty so much, but you don't like cats?" Me: shes not a real cat! it is different! This could cause a debate I'm sure, but for me it's not the same thing.


  1. ohmygosh! So freakin' adorbs... I'm def a Hello Kitty fan... :)

    xx Love & Aloha

    1. Haha! THANKS! Isn't she the greatest?! I have loved her from baby time!


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