Monday, June 4, 2012

Thirst Quencher

Island Iced Tea

-1 quart Any type of Iced Tea mix ( Lipton, Arizona, etc.)
-2 cups. Pineapple juice
-6-10 mint leaves
-Mix the Iced Tea instant mix
-Add the Pineapple juice to the mix with the mint leaves
-Let stand for about 30 minutes and serve over ice

**For the adult cocktails, add a little vodka

Here in Hawaii, we have all different types of Iced Tea, which is one of my favs to drink.  This recipe is a little spin off of how you can make your own Hawaiian Iced Tea.  It's the best drink on a hot day, it quenches your thirst just right, without being too sweet!  Iced Tea goes out like water in my house, it's so bad that sometimes the canned juice even gets hid in different parts of the refrigerator! haha! For the adult cocktail part of my love affair with iced tea, when I was not of legal age to drink I would sneak a beer every now and then and I would mix it with iced tea so no one would know what I was drinking, it is the same color and it kinda of hid the smell a little bit. I thought that I was sooo cool, later when I would tell people about it they would ask does that even taste good?  It actually does?! It's funny how things that you wouldn't really think go together end up being a great thing! 


  1. Beer and iced tea? Never heard of that combo before!! Funny the things we do when we are underage, lol!


    1. haha! i guess it is kinda a weird match?! we do do odd things when we're young.


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