Monday, June 25, 2012

Pops of Color & Circumstance

More grad cards. I didn't have a lot of time to create and I need to make 5 grad cards, so all of these are very simple.  These literally took less then half an hour to complete.  The pops of color really do help make the card stand out a little bit better.  I used all my scrap pieces to create these cards.  I've been really trying to use up all my scrap pieces, the scraps are piling up like crazy.  I've been using them to make punches and stuff like that.  I get scrap crazy and try to use up every little piece possible, it gets to the point where it becomes an obsession! I really need to practice better organizational skills when it comes to scrap pieces and all the little here and there etc. of things that I collect through the creative process and trial and error.


  1. Love these grad cards, you did a fabulous job. TFS

    1. thanks! i know that they're really simple, but it gets the job done! :)


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