Friday, June 15, 2012


I recently read an article on etsy, about telling your everyday story.  I found it very interesting and wanted to share it and try it out as well.  I often feel like my posts are not as interesting as I would like, and have been trying to find ways to change things up.  The article is about exercises that you can practice to make your posts more interesting.

 -Start off by writing down the following:
1.) 3 things you see or hear right now
2.) 3 things you did last week
3.) 3 exchanges you had with someone else

1.) Unforgettable playing on the radio, clicking of the keys on the keyboard, birds flying by
2.) Make a mobile, drive to the beach, wash clothes
3.) Exchanged emails with my challenge blog leader, had a text conversation with a friend, chatted with my gma

-Next step is to Ask why: Pick 1 item from your list and ask "why?", until you find something interesting

i drove to the beach. WHY? i needed to relieve stress.

Repeat until you do indeed find something interesting:  if you can't find anything, move on to the next 
 Asking “Why?” will help you travel through different terrains — boring, negative, positive, interesting — and eventually you’ll arrive at worthwhile.

i exchanged emails with my challenge blog team leader.  WHY? because i didn't know how to translate languages in the comments section of my blog.  WHY? because I've never done it before. WHY? never had any foreign readers comment on my blog before. WHY? I don't know.

-Keep going: practice each week, it will start to get easier and then it will quickly transition from an element of your daily activities to a picture, video or a few words and it will become natural.

This is something that I will try to practice religiously! I want it to become natural and be more exciting.
Do you find that you have a hard time finding interesting things to write about?  What is your thought process in getting it all down in your blog?


  1. Hi, Kelli!

    I always enjoy your posts - You have such a variety. You inspire me to share different things besides just my crafts :)

    1. thanks corrinne!! i really want to offer up a variety of things!


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