Monday, June 11, 2012

Guilty Pleasures


This theme song is sooooo awesome! The whole scene is awesome, seeing them walking down the boardwalk with their red sole bottoms and their fur coats! Like a BOSS! Let me say that this show is one of my guilty pleasures! Now that the Chicago show started, I am loving that one too!! I have found myself to be a reality show junkie?! EEK!!  What are your guilty pleasures?! 


  1. i've seen this on netflix...i will check it out!!

    as for hair, yes...i've had super short hair, like a boy cut!! so i've had lots of growing out stages. BOBBY PINS are your best friend around this time. pin, pin, pin!! you'll notice i've been pinning my sides up recently! you can do the same with your bangs/sides.

    -i also love the look of a tiny ponytail using bobbys to pin up the too-short strands, or even let some of them hang.

    -you said you flatiron, so is your hair naturally wavy? if so, twirl sections of your damp hair with your fingers while blow drying, spritz with hairspray when dry, then twirl and blow dry again. that's how i got these waves:
    then you can still pin up the sides, or side part with one pin.

    -this stage is also great for messy camoflauge the straggly parts. as long as the front is neat and pinned, you can tease the back.

    -hair accessories are nice distractions, too. a big flower pinned on one sied with tousled or scrunched hair is pretty, or a nice headband.

    -you can even do a waterfall braid on the crown of your head, or just on the side.

    i wish i could show you via some tutorial, but everyone in my family has long hair!! same with my friends, lol! hope this helps a little. is your hair around shoulder length? or shorter?

    1. Thanks this was a lot of help!! Right now it is about shoulder length in the front, but still short in the back, about to the top of my back..My hair is naturally thick and not really wavy, just not "asian" straight..i will mos def try your tips, esp. the twirling while blow drying!!

      thanks so much!!


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