Monday, February 27, 2012

Girls Day

I recently wrote about making something for Girl's day.  I found these super cute Hero Arts stamps recently, and made a promise to myself that I will use them no matter what.  The designs are all asian themed, so it's perfect for the upcoming girls day celebration.  It is so cute!!  I tried out this image first, it's of this Kawaii kokeshi doll.  She's got a little swag if you ask me!!  She's not so traditional and she's a lot of fun!! I decided to go simple, and let the image be the main feature.  This style is card, is a square pocket card that opens up from the top.  There's a flat blank card inside to write a little message on.  I accented it with butterflies and sakura flower.  I think I want to name her Mari-chan!!  More Girls day crafts to come!!


  1. she's really cute! i like the pocket style of these cards, too.


    1. Thanks!! It's something that I've been doing for awhile, but it hasn't really caught on yet! :(


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