Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Strawberry Social

 This was a gift made for a woman that loves strawberries!  She was my gma's roommate in the hospital.  She is a diabetic and can't have too much sugar.  It was her birthday, so I made this for her.  It's a flower pot filled with strawberry candies.  I made the strawberries in all different shades of reds and greens.  Added some glitter to zazz it up a bit.  I also added different size butterflies the the dowels for a little bit of punch.  I cut the dowels so they are at varying heights, to give it some dimension.  The woman absolutely loved it!! Since she couldn't eat much of the candy, she left it on her table to share with her visitors, doctors and nurses.  I am glad that I could put a smile on her face.  This idea could also be used for a party centerpiece or even in an office.

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