Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eleven more to go

The month of January has come and gone.
Resolution update: 
-Completed the Master Cleanse 21 days to be exact! One accomplishment for the first month of the year! Lost about 20lbs. so far.  Goal is to lose at least 15 more and to keep it off!  This is one thing, that I am sure of that I never want to go back to.
-Keeping up with the crafting is another goal that has been steady, it could be a little better.  I know that this is a working progress and I will never give up on it.  Within the last 2 weeks I have a bunch of projects added to my list, and for that I'm grateful.

-February: I will set some new goals for this month, thank goodness it's a leap year! I need that extra day! haha! 
-Challenge myself everyday in some form or another.  
-Exercise regularly!  Now that the cleanse is over, I need to get the sweat going!  I want to incorporate daily walks to the beach.  Actually get in the water and swim and exercise.
-Continue to eat healthy, and change lifestyle!
-Do more adventurous activities! I really want to go skydiving! 
-Do better financially, set higher goals for myself.
-Save money and be more financially stable.
-Get taxes done early!
The list will go on...
I hope that month two, brings bigger and better days!  I will always strive for more!

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