Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello Kitty Slap Bracelets

Do you remember back in the 90's the rage was slap bracelets?? I remember they were everywhere and they were even contraband from some schools, because people were slapping them too hard and it was becoming a hazard as well as a major distraction.  They are basically made with a metal that bends and covered with a sleeve.  It's either material or plastic.  Well a couple years back, while walking around the craft store, I found these corsage bracelets that are basically the same concept.  They are made for wrist corsages, they are a little better made and thicker.  They come with a plastic piece to add things on top of.  I ended up buying a pack of 6, and really wanted to do something with them.  I took it home and instantly thought of making hello kitty bracelets.  I made the hello kitty head out of stiffened felt and layered it.  Then simply glued the head to the plastic piece that comes with the bracelet.  I also added some ribbon to the band part to make it look a little more exciting.  That was it, I had a fun hello kitty bracelet instantly!  It ended up being a huge hit, especially with the little girls.  I am thinking about doing it again, but trying to add a little more to it.

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