Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super Bowl

Super Bowl is coming up next week.  I've been on Pinterest all afternoon looking for recipes to try for Super Bowl!  It's amazing the amount of things that I have found on there.  I literally have dozens of things on my food board.  I am printing them out as I type.  I guess after being on the cleanse and preparing myself for regular eating has got me a little excited!  I have to admit it is a little exciting!  I just have to take things in moderation and don't over indulge!  I'm not too excited about the 2 teams in the Super Bowl this year, so that's why the food is a big deal!! Who am I kidding, the food is always the most important part!! Next to the commercials of course! I guess we will see who shows up to play that day?! I just hope that it's a good game!!  I'm planning on making decorations to hang up around the house and garage.  It adds a little more excitement into things, and gives me a reason to make stuff!! :)  May the best team win!!

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