Monday, January 30, 2012


I got a sizzix eclips machine for Christmas, and I just opened it the other day.  All I have to say, it that I LOVE it!!! I was a little on the fence in the beginning, when this machine first came out because I do have a cricut machine also.  The cricut machine is great and being that I have had it for so long, I do have a lot of cartridges for it.  That's why I did prolong getting the eclips.  I did a little better research on the eclips and I found out that it does have different features from the cricut.  It is a little more advanced, so I started to put a little more interest into it.  I finally got one for Christmas from my mom!  I was a little intimidated by the size of the box, because it was so huge!  It sat in the corner for weeks, and last week I finally cracker that sucker open!  The machine is actually a little lighter in weight than the cricut and even has a handle for easy transport.  I played around with it for a little while and was trying to get the hang of things.  I downloaded the ECAL software, and today I finally used it!! It is so AWESOME!! I love, love, love it!!  The possibilities are endless with this program, and I have so many ideas running through my head.  It's so exciting!


  1. I am researching another machine but haven't committed to one yet. Glad you like your eclips.

    1. I do like it, it does have a little more features than the cricut. I heard a lot of people use the silhouette too, but I haven't actually seen it in person, so I wouldn't know how to compare it.


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