Monday, April 23, 2012

Go 90!

This is another party that I helped with and attend this weekend!  My uncle's 90th surprise birthday!  Yes! 90th!  He's so strong and healthy, it's unbelievable! The theme was University of Hawaii sports, first seen here!  He is a big fan!! The centerpieces were made from the Choya umeshu bottles seen here.  It was very simple, I just cut some sports balls in the school colors along with the school logo and pasted them on the bottles.  We added some water marbles and fresh cut flowers and topped it off with a tuxedo style bow.  The best part was consuming the Umeshu to empty the bottles! ;)  Everything went so smoothly and it was a nice, relaxing party!! We can all wish to be in this great health at 90 years old! 


  1. so nice that your uncle is in great health. i worry as my dad is getting up there. where is the cake from?!

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  2. Isn't it awesome!? It was delish too! I believe my cousin found them on Facebook. We heart cake company


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