Thursday, April 12, 2012


I am currently working on birthday invitations, and the theme is none other then the man himself! The only guy that can go around wearing no shirt, short shorts, white gloves, yellow shoes and talks in a high voice and no one questions his masculinity?! hah! Yes! It's Mickey Mouse!!  I went very simple on this one, just a little embossing, a die cut, some punches and embellishments and we've got a party going on! Stay tuned for the rest of the party goodies!


  1. looks lovely! xx

  2. cute! you are so creative!

    i have no idea what theme i'm going with for my son! he is kind of into thomas the train right now...

    1. thanks! it's nothing, this was a last minute, super fast invitation.

      ooh thomas! my friends son had that theme last summer, and they got sidewalk chalk and drew trains on their brick wall in the yard. it was so cute! thinker toys sells a lot of thomas. if you have sam's clud membership, i think they do thomas cakes and cupcakes? that's a good theme, because it's so colorful, and there's so many different trains.

  3. Super cute invites!!!

    1. thanks!! it was a one day start to finish project


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