Friday, April 13, 2012

It's all in the VOICE!

For those of you that haven't been keeping up with The Voice, what are you doing??! Here's a recap of this week!  It was sooooo good!! Juliet Simms voice is soooooo dope! That's what Christina said, she even got a standing O from Ms Xtina herself.  Juliet is on Cee-lo's team, so you know if you're not on Christina's team and she stood up for you, you did something right!! Gotta give props to Hawaii girl Cheesa!  She did great on Monday night, but she didn't get the votes to get saved.  She had to battle it out with 2 of her teammates, and battle she did!  She was AWESOME!! She deserved to make it to the next round!  Also I think it's so cute how she always throws the SHAKA!!  I think this show is so much better than all the other singing shows out there.  The concept is great, and it really does show that it's in the voice and not the appearance!Photobucket


  1. Thank you! I agree, I think The Voice is better than all the other singing shows too! I need to do a better job of catching up!

  2. darn, I never get to watch this!! I watched the first two episodes and loved it!

    1. Ok, and now that I watched these....damn Juliet kicks ass! Totally made that song her own and owned it! Thanks for posting these!

    2. isn't she!! monday nights are a big deal in my house because of the voice and h50! i hope you can start watching again!

  3. great videos! xx


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