Thursday, October 18, 2012

Things in this post are smaller then they appear


 For this challenge, you may use one, two or all three colors along with neutrals (i.e. black, ivory, tan, white, etc.) If you use all three, add A3 after your name for an extra entry.

This week, we have 2 great sponsors:

For this challenge, I decided to keep it simple! 

I stayed true to my pocket cards, but made them mini for this project.  The thought behind this project is that the pocket card is attached to the bag and serves as a either a pocket for a card or a gift receipt for the gift inside the bag.  I made the bag in TEAL, the background in polka dot MAGENTA and the heart in OLIVE!  Also the ribbon handles are 2 different shades of OLIVE.  I love this mini size bags!! Cute and just big enough to fit something awesome inside!  I'm using these for Halloween!! Stay Tuned!!



  1. i like the color have the best ideas!


  2. Thanks!! I can't stop using this pocket card! haha!


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