Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

 Dead Mau5 pumpkin

 Porch Decor

 Cheshire Cat

 Monster Mash

Happy Halloween!!

Just wanted to share a few pics.  Hope everyone has a safe Halloween!  
**Don't forget to check your candy!!**

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  1. how fun are these?!! i love the pumpkin mouse!! very creative! your halloween makeup is great! i'm so bummed i missed out on halloween this year!


    1. haha! Thanks!! At least you got to enjoy the block party the week before! I'm so bummed that I didn't get better pics of my outfit!

  2. Wow look at you all decked out! Looks like a fabulous time! We're okay, just struggling with a slow recovery. Right now it is snowing a lot from another storm (6" inches and high winds), so there'll be little progress...maybe some setbacks instead.

    1. Thanks! wow! that's awful! I hope that it gets better soon! I can just imagine how miserable it is. My sister lives in North Carolina, and we've been having a hard time getting in touch with her. The one time that we did get through her reception was so bad that the conversation was just I'm okay call you later. Take care Eileen!


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