Friday, April 5, 2013

Blame it on the VOG!

Just wanted to say Happy Aloha Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend! The weather is still all over the place, and I'm sick!  I went on a little staycation last week, with little rest and now with the vog I am miserable!  It's strange, because I was never bothered by the vog before, but now it's becoming a constant nemesis of mine! :(

Here are some pics from the last couple weeks.

Some Easter goodie bags that I made for my friends babies!  It was a quick throw together, but I think it came out cute!! Love the little bunny cottontails!

Some scenic pics from the staycation! Nature showing off!  This is what we mean, when we say "lucky we live Hawaii!"  

Easter Egg Hunt!  I really hope they found all the eggs!

Went on a little hike!  No, the pictures aren't blurry!  It's that damn vog that I was talking about!!  I was literally sucking wind on the way up!  Not that I'm out of shape or anything! ;)  It's the VOG!  I think I'm starting to like blaming things on the vog!

Parting shot!
Took this pic of a lonely coconut tree, so I decided to accessorize her! 


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  1. Hope the air clears up for you, it sure has been voggy here on the island too... Leaving on the east side late nights and early mornings it smells like rotten eggs. No joke!
    Try and have a fun weekend...

    1. Thanks Shirl!! It's miserable!! I can image how bad it is over there. I was supposed to have gone to Merrie Monarch but couldn't get rooms.

  2. Good for you guys!! How funny! Great vacations!!

  3. nice photos.. a place like that is such a stress reliever. :)

    1. Thanks! It really is a stress reliever! These days I've been finding myself up there a lot!


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