Wednesday, April 17, 2013

52 Lists: Week 10

Still trying to catch up with the 52 lists project with Moorea seal!  Check her lists out! They're pretty awesome!  Week 10: List the ways you can cleanse for Spring! Since Spring is on the verge of changing to Summer, I knew that I had to post this as soon as I could!  

Here's my list:
-Clean car
-Clean house
-Get rid of clutter
-exercise more
-get outside more
-fresh air everyday
-plant something new
-find new music
-try a new thing every week

So far, I can say that I'm pretty much on track with this list!  Except cleaning the car, that hasn't been done in a bit!  I think clean house will be an ongoing challenge.  With constant crafting, it's never easy to keep things clean and organized.  I have been cleaning my bedroom, getting rid of clutter and by doing that sort of redecorating at the same time.  I've been exercising couple times a week outdoors, so that takes car of exercise, get outside, and fresh air.  I've recently purchased a couple of different Hawaiian flowers to grow around the front and back yards (pics to come).  I know that's not planting, but it's nurturing a plant! :)  I try to find new music on a daily basis, while sitting at the computer, I seek out new music to add to my playlists!  Trying something new every week, is a little bit of a task, especially when you live a day to day routine.  Even if it is as small as trying a new food or drink.  That counts! 

What do you do to cleanse yourself for Spring?

Love what you do, do what you love!
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  1. why is it that with cleaning, you just create more mess that needs to be cleaned! guess things have to get worse before they get better! i need to clean my room, but i get so overwhelmed with the task!!

    mobile morsels

    1. Oh tell me about it!! I start and it gets worse, and then I get tired and stop and it just stays like that for a while!

  2. goodluck to you.. :)))


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