Friday, August 24, 2012


Remember the days before computers, Iphones, Ipads, or any electronic devices? How did anyone function? haha! I know that there are so many techie people out there that can't go a day, or even an hour without their phone or some sort of electronic device.  Now days, I see so many children working on Ipads and computers, there are so many games and educational programs on those devices.  With the learning theme going this week, I decided to make a memory game.  Do children even know what this is? Or how to even play it?  It's very simple, but that's what might make it too hard for them to grasp?! I think once in a while it's good to teach children how to do things the long way.  Teach them the simplicity in things, so they have something to fall back on one day when the electricity goes out?! :) 

This particular memory game, is aimed more for a girl since it's so girly and pink.  It surely can be made for a boy using different pictures.  Again I cut all the pictures with my cricut, using up a lot of scraps.  The main thing is to make sure that you have enough scraps to make 2 of the same thing.  I cut the squares at 2 1/2", so it's not too big, but big enough for the children to handle easily.  For the squares I used a cute polka dot paper, I was trying to find a double-side paper but didn't have anything on hand.  I made 40 squares, to make an easy 20 pairs.  I used easy pictures and things that are easy to relate to for little girls.  Things like hearts, cherries, strawberries, sun, flowers, butterflies, happy faces, shoes, bows, etc.  

I also laminated the cards, so they will last longer and be a little thicker.  

I plan to make more memory game sets, but in themes, like Hello Kitty, Disney, Boy designs, etc. 
This is a fun and easy project that will surely occupy any little one! Who knows, it might be even more fun than the apps on an Ipad?! haha!



  1. oh this is brilliant!!!

    Thanks for joining us at Tuesday Alchemy Challenges!!

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    for my free digis!!

  2. You're so in tune with child development--you're awesome! You even took the step to laminate them knowing how children play! You think of everything!!!

    1. Thanks Eileen!! This too was fun project to make, and so simple! I just hope it's not too boring for kids compared to all those electronic devices?! :)


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