Friday, August 10, 2012

Glow Show

This weeks pinspirations are inspired by things that glow! May it be neon, black light or just bright colors!  I have to admit, that I am not that much into the full on neon in my own wardrobe, but there are certain things that I think it does look cool in!  As for me, I love black light things! I think it's so fascinating!  Ever since the first time I went to Disneyland and they stamp my hand with a black light stamp, I was hooked! haha!

Life was meant to be enjoyed in color!

I think I need to find these Martha neon glitters, and make a project with them!! This really is inspiring!! Oh, the possibilities! I can see them all now!! 

Black light. So awesome!! You can write secret messages to your friends or use it for a party theme and make invitations with them! I remember in my younger years, when my friends and I would go out dancing I had a black light pen.  We would write and draw things all over our arms and when we would go to the club we would glow! haha! Oh the things you do when you're young!!

This is something that I seriously considered!  At times, I regret not doing it and still think about doing it?!  This is a black light tattoo done in pink.  I really thought long and hard about doing this in white.  Not this large, just something simple like stars down my shoulder or even a tiny white star on my face.  I actually came as close as stepping in the tattoo shop one night, but found out that the place that I went to 1.) wouldn't do it on the face. and 2.) wouldn't do just the black light ink. i would have to get a colored tattoo and then fill it with black ink.  That's not what I wanted, I wanted one like this picture.  Not too visible in the regular light, but real vibrant in the black light!

A fun little look for a fun night or a party! It reminds me of Jem!  Do you remember Jem?!! My friends and I thought about dressing up as Jem and the Holograms for Halloween, but have yet to do it yet! :)

Neon crafts! Super cool!! Great idea for a party!! I really does add a lot to the white wall!! I might just have to use this idea for a party!

I'm loving this arm swag!! Nothing like an arm dripping in this kind of candy! I think I need some of these!!

Cool neon paint!! Did you see Miss Congeniality?! Remember the scene where they go out to the night club and there's a paint party going on?  This reminds me of that, and makes me want to experience something like that!! It looks like so much fun!

There's just something about a bright lit up ice cream sign, that puts a smile on my face!! 

Super cute!! Dress it up, play it down! Any way it's cute and fun!!

Oh.Em.Gee. Neon Pink Litas! Need I say more?!

Sometimes life is just too serious! Color can really change the way we look at things.  

"Life is about using the whole box of crayons."
-Ru Paul

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  1. Such creative ideas
    Thank You so much for following my blog

    1. thanks! you have really great ideas!! you put a lot of time into your work and your blog!!

  2. Replies
    1. There really is something about the neons that make things really pop!

  3. so cool...the black light tats. would be kinda freaky, too, haha. i totally remember jem! i never watched too much cartoons, but that was one of the few i watched!

    1. i know i thought long and hard about the black light tat, but i often think what if?.. jem was pretty cool!


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