Monday, July 30, 2012

Draw This

Here's a funny little game that you can play at any get together or party.  It's as easy as A-B-C, great for any age.  

What you need: paper plates/ or hard surface and paper

Pass one to everyone playing
Have them place it on their head and wait for instructions
This next part, you need to plan ahead of time.  You will be giving instructions on things to draw, feel free to direct it towards your age group, theme or anything that you feel is appropriate for the group that you're playing with.  You want to have at least 7 different things for your guests to draw.

1.) Draw a line for the ground
2.) Draw a tree
3.) Draw the sun in the sky
4.) Draw a dog next to the tree
5.) Draw a person walking the dog
6.) Draw a cloud in the sky
7.) Draw a fire hydrant on the other side of the tree

After everyone is done drawing their picture, let them look at it.  Now we are going to give points for what they have drawn.

1.) 2 pts. if the tree touches the ground
2.) 1 pt. if the sun is in the sky
3.) 2 pts. if the dog is next to the tree
4.) 2 pts. if the person is walking the dog
5.) 1 pt. if the cloud is in the sky
6.) 2 pts. if the hydrant is on the other side of the dog
7.) extra pts. for any other details that you may have added on your own ( apples on the tree, collar on the dog, dog house, etc.)

Let everyone tally up their pts. and the person with the most pts. wins! 

I recently played this game and it was a hit!! I highly recommend giving it a try.  If you're playing with kids, make it a little more simple with things that they can relate to.  



  1. This sounds really fun!! I will have to incorporate this into a future party, lol!

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    1. It was really fun!! Hopefully I'll have some pics soon!


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