Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Drink Charms Hack

This is very late, I am only getting around to posting it now! Last July I had the pleasure of helping throw a baby shower for my cousin.  There was no real theme, other than the color blue(their wedding color).  It was a co-ed shower, and the bride isn't really a girly girl, so there was nothing frilly, and was I guess what you would say a little unconventional.  All in all, it was a blast!!  This is the favors that I came up with.  Wine glass charms for the ladies and drink koozies for the men and non wine drinkers. This was the first time, that I have made wine charms and there was a bit of trial and error, but I figured it out.   After a little tinkering around, I simplified things and it was pretty easy.  I ordered the bottle caps on etsy, and the shop that I got it from had the option of having it flattened with the jump ring already attached.  If you're going to make these, I HIGHLY recommend getting these.  It makes the whole process simplified.  It also came with the epoxy stickers, this also was heaven sent!  If you don't get the epoxy stickers, you will need to work with resin and let it set and that can get really messy!  The first thing that I did was print out my image for the inside of the bottle cap.  I used a 1 in. circle punch to punch out the image.  I put a little piece of double stick tape to make sure it stayed in, then added the epoxy sticker over the paper.  I got little bells and added it to the jump ring, just to make it look a little more fun.  This part takes a little more time but it's not a deal breaker.  The next step is to find little beads or charms that you want to add.  To make it the process even easier, I used earring hoops for the ring part.  You can find this at any craft store.  Now you just add your beads, and charms and you're done.  When you're done, you can close the earring back to hold everything together.  I tried it a different way, by trying to crimp and bend both ends but this didn't work out so great.  It ended up being to short and didn't stay on the bottom of the glass that well.  I found these colored plastic wine and champagne glasses, that I added macadamia nut kisses to.  Add the charms to the glasses, and you're done!!

I love how both of these came out.  Please see links below, for the Etsy shop info.  I am absolutely going to make more koozies for another occasion!  These are so awesome, and they do such a good job!  

I will do more posts on other things that I did for this shower, so please stay tuned!  Have you ever made any kind of charms like these?  How did you do it?


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  1. super cute! those would be great for our wine tasting parties!! hope all is well!!


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