Wednesday, January 7, 2015


This must be a record, I'm blogging 2 days in a row!! YES!! Winning! haha!  I've decide to make a twist on my pinspirations and make a little collage out of them!  I usually grab 7 pinspirations from my pinterest page, and do an entry on them.  This is my January pinspriations!  A little bit of motivation, a little bit of fitness, a dab of wanderlust, a pinch of reading, you get the picture.  I really need to get back into diet and exercise, so this 30 day ab and squat challenge can't start soon enough!  I love the idea of the gift card every paycheck, I think I will need to put them in a lock box so I don't try using it on myself! ahah! I like the idea of getting ready for Christmas throughout the year!  Can't be too prepared!  The reading challenge is something that I try to do every year, but rarely gets done.  I try to read something everyday, whether it be email, online articles, newspaper, magazine, etc., but books is one that I hardly ever get around to doing.  I'm not really into Ereading, I love books with pages, the sound of pages flipping, I like to write notes, make tabs, and my fave is the smell of the paper.  I already have my eye on some books, so first things first is to get to the book store!  The 52 weeks money challenge is something that I tried last year, but sadly I failed and believe me I'm still kicking myself for it.  That's why I am so determined to accomplishing this in 2015!  You set aside the amount of money of the week of the year.  For example, the first week of the year, you put $1 away.  The second week, you put $2 away, and so on, until the last week of the year.  You should have $1378 by week 52!  So far, I'm $3 richer! YAY!  Who couldn't use a little extra money at the end of the year?! This year, I am going to be very money conscious and make it a goal to be money smart.  It's a very hard challenge, especially if you love to shop! eek!  Another pinspiration is to travel!! I hardly travel, and I'm getting to a point in my life where I'm thinking, why the hell not?? Get on a plane and go somewhere! :) I can't wait to see what this year has in store for me!  
What are your resolutions, goals, challenges of this year/month?? 
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