Friday, November 9, 2012

Creative Christmas Trees

 Tinsel Tree
 Cork Tree
 Book Tree
 Scrap Tree
 Box Tree
 Felt Tree
Glitter Tree

Malls already have Christmas decorations up?! The drugstores are selling wrapping paper, and I heard the 1st Christmas song of the season! OMG! Are you prepared for what's yet to come? I am NOT! It feels like I just put the ornaments back in the box and here it's time to start unpacking them again?!  Since this week's theme was centered around the Christmas tree, I figured I'd "pin" some unique trees! So much creativity on Pinterest! These are so fun and creative, I might just try a few for decoration!  I especially love the cork tree! For all you wine-o's out there, that can't find the heart to throw out your corks but really have no use for them, this is your answer! Such a cute idea!! Are you a fan of Christmas decorations?  What's your favorite?

Have a great weekend!


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